Gildan 5000

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JoAnna Cooper

Overall score 5 The Gildan 5000 is a great shirt for projects is a priority. They print great have a ton of color options. These are great shirts for game day.

Best For

Classic Fit: Relaxed style offers familiarity and comfort for many people.

Massive Color Options: 56 colors provide a wide range of choices.

Prints Well: Takes prints clearly due to fabric density.

Value: Inexpensive price point ($3-4 per shirt) is ideal for bulk purchases.

Size Inclusive: Wide range of sizes (S-5XL).


Rough Fabric: Carded cotton lacks softness, potentially feeling scratchy against the skin.

Less Breathable: The heavy weave can feel warm in hot weather.

Inconsistent Fit: Manufacturing variances can lead to differences between individual shirts.

Prone to Shrinkage & Twisting: Expect significant shrinkage and potential twisting after washing/drying.

Single Stitching: Reduced durability compared to double-stitched shirts.

Not Fashionable: A very basic shirt, unlikely to impress or feel luxurious.


The Gildan 5000 is a utilitarian choice suitable for budget-focused needs where softness and precise fit aren't priorities. It excels as a printing base.

Ideal Uses:

  • Workwear: Durable enough for environments where comfort and cost are paramount.
  • Undershirts: Can be worn unseen under other layers.
  • Bulk Giveaways or Promotions: Perfect for events where a basic t-shirt is needed in volume.
  • Crafts/Projects: Great for tie-dying or customization when budget is a factor.
  • Printing Base: The dense fabric makes it a reliable choice for showcasing custom designs, especially where budget is a concern.

Bottom Line: If you need a cheap, functional t-shirt that will get the job done without concern for long-term wear or a precise fit, the Gildan 5000 works well. If you're looking for a soft, stylish shirt with high quality construction, there are better options available.

Print Verdict

The Gildan 5000 is a good choice for printing due to its density and affordability. Keep in mind that significant shrinkage might affect design sizing after washing.

About Brand

Gildan was founded on the belief that owning our factories and controlling every step in the process was the best way to make great apparel. Starting from spinning our own yarn, all the way to assembling the final garments and distributing our products, our vertically integrated business model gives us unparalleled oversight of our operations, helping us integrate innovative and sustainable solutions across our entire value chain.

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